Knitting Skills Acquired – Christmas Gift


My wife gave me an unintentional gift for Christmas: Knitting. She didn’t expect that I would listen. She didn’t expect that I would like it. But she also gave me a Totoro scarf and I decided that I would not be slave to consumerism anymore. I would make my own stuff. I have a Totoro obsession.

Thus I asked her to teach me knitting. And she complied, fully expecting that I would be no more interested in knitting than I am in abstinence.


This is as hard as my face makes it look…

But she forgot one thing: I’m obsessive. I’m crazy, geek obsessive. But why knitting? Why on earth would I be obsessed about wrapping string around sticks to make patterns?

Let’s take a look at a game I play called Terraria. It’s a simple game, similar to MineCraft, where your character roams around the world and mines. And with the material you mine, you can make things, like better mining equipment. And then you can mine more. I would spend hours simply mining for no other reason than just to mine. Let me show you the map of one of the worlds.


This consumed my life…

See that map up there? I dug that hole down the center for fun. There was no reason to do so. Well, there is a reason to dig a hole to the bottom of the world, it’s the only way down there. But most people dig a hole a few feet wide. I made the hole 200 feet wide. And then after I dug the hole, I decided I would fill it with water. So I drained the eastern sea into it. That’s why you will notice there is no water on the east side of the map, but there is on the west side of the map. It took a lot of digging to drain the eastern sea into the hole. I also started making a huge lava pit, but then other things got in my way from completing my goal (other things being life). I also wanted to make a Death Star, and was on my way to fill that with lava, but that goal got sidetracked.

ANYWAY, the point being I do mindless things… for many hours… for no real good reason.

That’s why knitting is perfect. I can sit and do a menial task for hours. In the end I have something in real life!


And this is awesome too…

When I spend hundreds of hours playing video games (and that’s the real ‘literally’. Not the fake ‘literally’ which is used to denote hyperbole), I end up with NOTHING in the end. It doesn’t matter if I have awesome Tetris skills. It doesn’t matter if I can beat all my friends in Starcraft except for South Koreans. It doesn’t matter that I have memorized the tech tree for Civilization.

In the end, for all my video game playing, I have nothing in the real world. Nothing. Nobody cares.

But after hours of knitting? I have something! Sure, it’s still useless and nobody still cares. But I made it. And I can hold it. And it can get dirty, and get lost.

When I make a mistake I can’t simply hit “undo”. I have spent hours frogging. Good grief, I make so many mistakes. I wish I had an undo button.

Anyway, I made something in the real world. It’s fun making things in the real world.

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  1. This is all kinds of awesome, and I took up quilting for a similar reason. You spend hours consuming media, TV, movies, awesome blogs and what do you have in the end? Pretty much nothing. I spend hours each day getting paid to type on my computer and what do I have to show for it? Bingo, nothing! I envy the carpenter – at the end of his day, he has a chair that he can use or give away or sell. Me? Not so much. So I quilt. And I think these things connect us back to our past and they are things we need more of as our digital world slowly takes over.

    Just sayin’.

    Love your Totoro-thingys. I’m not that kind of geek, not sure what they are so much. But you’re 3 ears away from making a glove, and I can appreciate that. 🙂

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