Project #0 – Purl Stitch

I don’t know how many rows I did, but after an hour or so of knitting knit stitches, I decided it was time to learn the other one. It was time to learn:


And was it hard? Yes. It was hard. I got used to the knit stitch. I don’t know why it would be any harder, but when I had to stick the needle from the top, I had a much more difficult time!

By now, I started tweeting about my escapades on Facebook and Twitter.

A lot of people find my knitting humourous. Some find it odd. Ok, most people find it quite odd.  Surprisingly, no one finds it surprising.

I don’t keep track of how many “likes” I get, and I’m not all that popular, but there were a number of people that found my knitting adventure a pleasant diversion from the normal Christmas postings of ginger bread houses and kids dressed in Santa hats.


Unhappy asian kid. Probably got a math text book. Oh wait, that would make asian kid happy.

After a few slow attempts at purling, I surmise a number of things:

a) I’m too tight.
b) I’m getting cramps in my hands
c) purling is hard

And of course, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t share my knitting attempts with twitter. So I posted my purling woes and got a few comforting remarks. Yay internets!


Who would’ve thought all this knitting would garner such attention?

I did learn, however, that when you do the purl stitch, the sides start to curl in. Interesting.

Before I leave you, however, let me talk about Perl. It’s a programming language that I learned long ago mostly to parse logs. What did I learn from Perl? I learned to appreciate regular expressions. In fact, I love regular expressions. It let’s you realize the power of patterns.

Patterns bring us back to knitting. See how it all fits?

OK, I’m just trying to find an excuse to talk about programming.


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