Project #0 – Cast On!


Knitting is like being on FIRE!

The first thing my wife told me to do was “CAST ON”. Of course, “FLAME ON!” was the first thing I thought of. I didn’t share my little word association with her; she doesn’t find these little ADD moments of mine as humourous as I do.

Now my wife is good at teaching. She explains clearly and takes time to make sure you understand.

But not with knitting.

Maybe it’s because knitting was taught to her before she learned what puberty was, but when it came to explaining cast off, I had problems.

Here were the instructions:

“First, you make a slip knot, like this. Put your needle through there, and then just do this and then this. Then repeat.”

Uh… what?

I had to make her slow down. And then I had to hold on to the needles and make her talk me through it. Step by step. When I tried to cast on later, I forgot again.

I went on to the youtubes to see how they taught “Cast on”. You know what? They first explain how to do a slip knot and they go as slow as they can! Wow.

Just in case you don’t know what a slip knot is, here’s how to do one:


Next up, how to tie shoes.

If I ever make knitting videos, I will not teach you how to do a slip knot. So study that above picture.

I still had problems with the cast on, and in the end, my wife did a few stitches for me. So far, my knitting education is off to a sad start.

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