Project #0 – Tutorial Wrap Up

My wife can attest to the fact that I stay up late. What am I doing up that late? I usually keep myself busy with a whole host of things, but most of it is usually video game playing, social media, or Cracked reading.


From Laurie Lipton’s Carnival of Death.

But THIS time it’s for knitting! This is good.

I have stayed up very late doing an odd assortment of hobbies and sometimes this does not lead to a conciliatory mood from the spouse. There was one time I was reading Neil Gaiman’s “The Graveyard Book”. We were on vacation in Germany for my friend’s wedding. My friend is a quantum physicist, and although she no longer practices it, I will always call her my quantum physicist friend because that’s totally awesome.


For those of you into quantum knitting, here’s a link to a paper!

Anyway, I digress. She had the book in her shelf and I started reading it because why sleep when a Neil Gaiman book remains unread? I think I was almost done at 5am.

However, my wife began to stir. And this wasn’t the type of stir that meant that maybe she was in for a bit of a squeeze and tickle (and sadly, I don’t think I’ve ever experienced that stir). No, this was the stir that indicated that something was not right with the world and it was probably my fault.

So with only TWO pages of the book left, I quickly turned the light off and feigned sleep.

TWO PAGES left of the book.


Why am I telling you this story? Oh right. Staying up late is never looked upon as a positive activity.

However, when knitting, leniency is granted! Huzzah for knitting!

The last stitch I learned COMBINED THE TWO STITCHES to learn RIBBING!

Knit 2
Purl 2



Admittedly, I could NEVER pull off a Shoryuken. It was too hard.

When complete, I knitted some monstrosity that looked like a fish tie, or something. The bottom part is all straight knit stitch, and that’s called a Garter Stitch.

Then when you Knit a row and then Purl a Row, that’s a Stocking Stitch (aka Stockinette Stitch).

And finally, at the top, the Ribbing Stitch!

All the names make me want to be with my wife more but you don’t want to know that.

In the end, my hands hurt. Knitting is hard. Next up… Totoro Plushies.


My very first ever knitted thing.

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  1. Ok.. that photo is just COOL!

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