Project #1 – White Totoro – Part II

It is now Day Two of knitting my Totoro. I am using DPN’s: Double Pointed Needles.


I can not make this look graceful no matter how hard I try.

However, I needed to do a Debs & Errol vlog and so I needed to put my knitting on hold. But I did bring my knitting to show off in the vlog!


Debs pointed out an error. I switched the stitch so that it was inside out in the rows AFTER my awesome bobble. And so, if you watch that above video, you will see me UNRAVELING THE WHOLE THING! All of yesterday was completely eradicated. All the work undone!

Then again, it was like destroying LEGO after building it. And that’s fun especially if there are explosions. I used to take LEGO spaceships, put them onto a zipline, and then ram them into the wall. It was awesome. I think my dad cursed me whenever he stepped on LEGO I didn’t pick up.

Anyway, there was something cathartic about completely destroying my work of art. Maybe I’m a freak.


Bye bye, tail bobble!

There was also this huge hole that appeared in my knitting! It was like a rip in the space/time fabric and it annoyed me with its physics altering ways. So I NEEDED to undo all of  it. There was no point in keeping it as it was.

My wife says I’m a perfectionist. Only when it comes to my projects. I try not to inflict that on others. 😀

Debs also taught me the term of Frogging. That’s when you rip the stitch out. I think. Why call it frogging? What do they have against frogs? Possibly the same person who also made “Frogger” and loved watching them get squished. Why all the frog discrimination?!

This is not knit. But it’s cool.

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