Project #1 – White Totoro – Part III

There is something wrong with my brain.

I know YOU have thought this, but I’m talking about something more specific. I have problems recalling things. Manpans calls me fishbrain and there is a bit of truth to that like there is a bit of fat in pork rinds. Mmmm… pork rinds.

Why is crunchy pig skin so unhealthy?

I have restarted the Totoro project four times now. And every time, I forget how to cast on. What’s wrong with me? I do it and then I realize all I’m doing are simple knots for stitches.

I do it again and I realize I’m doing two stitches where there should be one.

Why can’t I remember how to cast on?


This brain probably remembers more than mine…

Oh well, the great thing is, I’ve memorized the first few rounds of the pattern. I would always get to the tail, or past the tail bobble, and then I would notice a mistake and restart. This is a difficult pattern to just set down and pick up again because I forget where I am.

Well, it’s difficult for me. On the ipad, you can set a bookmark. I know there are stitch markers, but that doesn’t mean I’d remember where I am in the pattern. Knitting is so hard.

OH! I learned some new symbols! It’s like being a cryptographer! Or a de-cryptographer. Or whatever they’re called. That reminds me, I met someone who was a professional safe-cracker. It was cool. He would break into vaults when banks did things like lock the key in the vault. There were all sorts of methods and drills he would use so that the integrity of the vault would not be compromised so that they could still use it again. They have secret forums where people show off their skills and techniques, because they don’t want that information getting out into the public.

Why on earth is Ravelry closed from public viewing. WHAT ARE YOU HIDING, RAVELRY?

I could understand if the site was filled with a bunch of minors, but it isn’t! They have less of an attention span than I do! Unless it’s Twilight. Those kids love their Twilight.

Oh look, there is knitting about Twilight. No surprise. I’ve reached a new low.

Wow. Did I get sidetracked. We were talking about NEW CODES!

I asked my wife about SSK. Her sister, Becky, was their knitting with us so she taught me that. There is something satisfying about this stitch. You just slip em off, like a silk dress off your wife. OK… I should stop now before I get distracted again.

And I also learned about W&T! My wife didn’t know about this one, so I had to go on the youtubes to learn this. I learned the first part only and assumed it was the same on the Purl side. I don’t think it is.

The ears were more confusing. Here are the instructions after you finish the right ear:


The ears themselves were actually simple, but were difficult to maneuver.

I had to cut the yarn once the right ear was done. And then I had to do the left ear.

But what yarn do I use to start the left ear??

I cut it already! Now what? Do I just start with the ball again and start afresh? Do I knot it somewhere? Do I hope for magic yarn to appear? I didn’t know what to do at all and I don’t like the thought of thread just unraveling on my Totoro and ears lopping off.

So I cut the yarn off the right ear, but I made it really long so I can use it for the left! I then wove the thread through the right ear and began knitting with that. No worries of ears falling off here!

By FOUR AM, I was done. Why? Because I had things way too tight! And those ears are so close together it’s hard to move around. But it was done!! Well, the eyes still needed to be done, but IT’S mostly DONE! HUZZAH!

I was going to show a picture of tight knitting, but then I mindlessly typed in “tight” on Google. Those were not the pics I was looking for.

So instead, this:


I want to knit this too!

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  1. The mouseover for your twilight pic has a spelling error but I didn’t know how to edit…

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