Project #1 – White Totoro – Part IV

IT’S DONE! Feast your eyes on what Manpans has christened, “The Derp Totoro”.

It had a stroke…

Yes, my first Totoro is a bit wonky.

Yes, you may laugh.

But it’s my very first Totoro and I lurves it! HUZZAH!

Most of the day was spent looking for eyes. I couldn’t find any in the house. I got my wife to search for eyes. She couldn’t find any eyes. I need to find some eyes. In the meantime, I tried to stitch eyes in. I wasn’t successful. They do it so much better on the instructions.

Something like this

My thoughts on my first official project?

Knitting is hard.

Things about my project I don’t understand:

  • Ears are not aligned to tail. What did I do?
  • Ears are inside out. What did I do wrong?
  • Tail is wonky. First time I did it was better. But then I frogged that. I frogged that tail like no tail has been frogged.
  • Size 2 DPNs that are metal are hard to use.
  • Don’t know how to close bottom yet

I shall improve. Yes I shall. I shall make another.

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  1. Well done, you!
    Try wooden needles. I find them much more pleasant to use than the metal kind.
    Learn how to knit continental style – it’s faster!
    And make more Totoros! 🙂

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