Project #2 – White Totoro

Am I making a second Totoro? Yes.

Lyf asked for two for his kids and considering I wanted to fix my mistakes, I thought, why not?

This is a knitted doghouse:


All will be clear…

But first, I’ve been doing the “knit stitch” wrong. Instructions were flying so fast at me that I got confused on how to wrap the yarn around the needle. All this time I have been wrapping it from the inside. I verified with my wife again and she informed me it was from the outside in. Ugh, so many ways to wrap around a stick!

However, there was one other stitch that confused me and that was the KFB (knit front back) stitch.

It’s a cool stitch. It MAKES a new stitch just like M1 does! I like these stitches that just appear out of nowhere! Unless, of course, I didn’t mean for it to appear.


It’s like the Poe ghost in Zelda! Except, you don’t need to z-target a stitch… and it doesn’t have a lantern… actually, it’s not like a Poe Ghost.

Anyway, let me relate to you a sad tale.

My wife taught me the M1 stitch. I thought it was cool. All was well in the world. Then came the KFB stitch. She wasn’t too sure what that was so we looked it up on youtube.

Strangely enough, it was the same way that she told me how to do the M1 stitch. So I went and found how to do the M1 stitch on youtubes and found a different way.

This did not go over well with my wife.


I’ll pop this up again…

Now I’m sure there are different ways to do stitches! I’m sure it doesn’t matter. However, if a pattern calls for an X stitch, and then it calls for a Y stitch, that means X and Y are different. Right?

Even if X and Y achieve the same thing (make another stitch), there HAS to be a reason why Y is called Y and not called X. So I just wanted to have the two different ways to make another stitch.

The logic of stitches fell on deaf ears. She is not pleased that I chose the internet stitch over her stitch.

Who would have thought knitting would have caused such marital discord?


See what knitting has done to us?

Anyway, I did finish the Totoro in only two days this time. And I fixed my mistakes.

The ears were offset in the last one because when it told me to set aside 9 stitches for the ear, I included the three I had made previously. Why did I do that? I don’t know.

And the ears were not inside out this time around. I don’t even know how I did that.

The eyes, however, are still wonky as ever.

You’d think I could do eyes, it’s just a hexagon… but NO!

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