Project #3 – White Totoro

I keep these all on my Ravelry projects page. Of course, unless you’re signed up, you can’t see it.

I don’t know what other people do on their Ravelry projects, but I’m pretty sure it’s not the same project over and over again. Which I’m doing. It’s like grinding.


I’m like this asian knitting factory. Except my working conditions are better

Why am I doing it? I don’t know why. I finish one Totoro and I just start another. I’ve been looking for things to store my knitting in. If you haven’t figured it out, I really love knitting.

And I’m not just saying that because I’m trying to fit in to the cool kids club. If I was worried about the cool kids club, I would probably change my pants more than once a month.


If I can’t smell them, then they’re still clean!

Anyway, I’ve been trying to find things to store my knitting in. The ball of yarn I had was small and portable. I don’t plan on flying anywhere so I don’t need to fear airport security. And a few days ago, I found this! Huzzah!


I think this was a microphone case…

Huzzah! I am now port-a-knitty! I can knit ANYWHERE! When I’m waiting for food at a restaurant? Take out my knitting! When I’m forced to attend some concert my children are playing at? Take out my knitting! If your conversation with me is dull and insipid? Take out my knitting!

That last part is a joke. I must clarify that it’s a joke because I know that Manpans, who reads these, will think I’m referring to her. Of all people, she should not take me seriously. Sheesh, gain some confidence, girl!

Anyway, where was I before I started calling out Manpans like that. OH YA! PORT-A-KNITTING! Look! My first trip with the knitting!


I shouldn’t take pictures of food because they make me hungry. And now I’m hungry for Pho. DARN YOU PAST ERROL! DARN YOU!

Mmmm… pho. Crums, I’m really hungry now.

What WERE we talking about in this post before I got distracted? Oh right, my third Totoro. It only took me four hours this time. Huzzah! I still hate those eyes. I need to buy sew-on eyes.

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  1. That’s a knitting factory? I subject myself to similar conditions and I PAY for the privilege! (I’m in the back of the first video, picking up the PVC pipe. A man’s gotta have his defenses). And someone should “accidentally” spill something really stinky on your pants at least once a week – even we uncool kids have our limit!

  2. No, everyone goes through this. It’s called a ‘jag’.

    You should meet up with your fellow Torontonian the Yarn Harlot and ask her about it (

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