Project #4 – White Totoro

Yes, my fourth project is a Totoro again. And it was NEW YEAR’S EVE! HUZZAH! And New Year’s Day.

The first thing we did for New Year’s eve was hang out with some friends. Andrea D’Silva and her husband Rodney are friends of mine from university and we all like knitting and playing board games! Well, that former statement isn’t really true for all elements in that set, but still, we did do board game playing and knitting!


I can’t think of a better way to ring in the New Year!

And for the record, we played Agricola. It was my daughter’s copy. It’s her favourite game on the planet, and although she could be playing the Wii or whatever it was those kids were doing downstairs (actually, they were playing Heroes of Might and Magic 2), she gave it all up to play Agricola with the adults.

I’ve come to the realization that I can’t do knitting and other things at the same time. This is troublesome. One of the reasons people knit is that it gives their hands something to do so that they don’t wander off and start groping the spouse. Every time I see my spouse, temptations flare up! Yet another reason why she’s glad I’m knitting.


Idle hands are the devil’s playmobil! And tigers too. I don’t know why I choose the pics I do sometimes.

Anyway, I had to frog a couple of times because I kept forgetting where I was in the pattern every time my turn came up.

Then New Years Day occurred and there was kissing. All good. Well, I only kissed my wife. The kids tried to interrupt because they’re evil.

The next day we were off to a hotel. Now, before you guys tune me out again because of inappropriate references to my wife, this is not just me and her! Every year my whole family goes to a hotel.

Why? Because the kids love hotels. We could either spend travel fare just for our kids to be happy in a pool in a hotel in a foreign country, or we could stay here and have kids be happy in a pool in our own city. And that’s what we do. Plus, we know where to get good food in our city. We usually go to Markham and then my kids can haz the azian foodz.

Now I’m hungry again. I really should write these things on a full stomach.

Anyway, pools are great for knitting. Or, at least they are if you aren’t swimming. And I wasn’t swimming. I’m not that fond of swimming, but I do love hot tubs. Especially if my wife is in the hot tub. Mmmmm… hot tub wife.

Here’s a pic!


Ha! Scared ya! You thought it was me in a hot tub. Not that this is any better.

Wait, did I mention that my children stole Totoros #2 and #3? Ya. They did. Fine, let them have their fun. I can’t remember how long it took me to do #4 (except for the eyes). I had to frog a lot; that I remember.

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