Project #9 & #10 – Totoros Again

For the 9th Totoro I used two balls of yarn that were at their end. When I reached the end of the yarn, I was confused. What do you do?

I had this lone thread staring at me. Mocking me. It knew that the project was unfinished, but it was finished too and there was no amount of coaxing to go any further.

Another sister-in-law was down, named Loey, and she is a crazy knitter as well. Come to think of it, I think the majority of the women in Dove’s family like to knit. Anyway, they suggested to DOUBLE up the separate yarn! Just take the end, align the beginning with it, and knit it as one!


Wouldn’t that look weird? Wouldn’t that look extra thick? But I’m not one to doubt knitting experts, unless of course there should be two different knit stitches. I did as I was told because I get in enough trouble as it is.


Remember this pic? Yeah.

I also had a few friends over to play some board games. I used to play boardgames with these guys over ten years ago, and we got together for a nostalgic board game night. It was pretty awesome. We played “Escape: The Curse of the Temple“, another real time game with a lot of stress (I can’t wait to get Manpans to play this). We also played 7 Wonders and “Agricola“. I’m not telling you this because I want to talk about all aspects of my life, I am telling you this because… I want to tell you all aspects of my life.

And I want to show you how much knitting has overtaken my life.


Game: Agricola. Pictured: Alan, ShangQi, Marcel, Ben Bowser, and myself. Activities: Posing and Knitting.

Oh, by the way, Dove found some eyes. They aren’t eyes I can use for my Totoros, but they are eyes I can use later! They are expensive though! I want hundreds of eyes at cheap prices!

Later on in the week, Manpans and I went to her local pub to discuss upcoming projects for weTangent. I brought my knitting.

Since I finished Totoro #9, I can start #10 with NEW YARN! HUZZAH!

I’ve never had a ball of new yarn before. It was difficult.

Seriously! It was!


You guys are all experienced at un-newing a brand new ball of yarn. But not me! I picked it up, I looked at it. WHERE’S THE BEGINNING? There’s no tag, there’s no “Start Here” indicator, there’s nothing. Just a big ball of yarn just waiting to be tangled into a nasty snarl of anger.

It’s worse than packing tape! At least with packing tape, you can’t screw the tape up if you start picking at it.

It was stressful, demanding, and demoralizing. I think Manpans feels life is like that every day.

Anyway, after a few tentative yanks, I eventually found it with the ball of yarn intact. All was good. Except I had to remove the paper because the yarn thread was wrapped behind it.

And then it took me five minutes to get the paper back on because I didn’t want it to unravel into a mess of nasty sadness.

Seriously, this is almost as bad as a Rubik’s cube. Who knew new skeins of yarn could be so stressful.


Not for the faint hearted….

Furthermore, the yarn is SO THIN! It feels like gossamer or really fragile noodles! OK, it feels nothing like that, but I’m worried I would tear it apart! And when I pull on it, it becomes thread like! Will it be too loose? Do I need to have a tighter tension? I don’t know!

The 10th Totoro is taking me so long to knit and I have now frogged it a number of times because I keep making mistakes. I need thicker yarn.

Maybe I’ll use this yarn and make little Kodama’s. That’d be awesome.

Look how cute these guys are! They’re from Princess Mononoke, another Miyazaki film. Yes, I have obsessions.

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  1. LOL, Yeah, You’ve probably learned this by now, but in case you haven’t: ‘sport’ refers to the weight, aka thickness of the yarn. There are several categories. Fingering weight (really thin yarn for socks), sport or DK weight for finer projects, Worsted weight for most everything, bulky weight for thicker/chunkier stitches. There are more but that’s enough. ^_^

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