Ten Totoros Project – COMPLETE

Huzzah! I finished all my Totoros! I didn’t start off with the goal of making ten of them, but I ended up with a goal of making ten of them.


The painting I painted. The grey totoro was made by my friend Kelson.

I gave up trying to find eyes to finish my Totoros. One night, on Google Hangouts with a bunch of friends, I finished off the eyes. Did I mention I hate stitching eyes? Yes. I hate them.

For the Totoro #9, I was watching Sherlock with my wife. Of course, doing eyes requires more focus, and I was really interested in watching Sherlock, so it took the whole episode for me to finish off those eyes.

I’m super excited though because I’ve been meaning to watch Sherlock with Dove. See, she’s not a geek. She understands geek culture like I understand giving birth:  it’s painful and scary things come out that require cleansing.

For her birthday, I bought her “Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy”. She graciously excepted. Fortunately, I was still allowed to sleep on the bed, so no serious repercussions.

But she does like all those violent crime shows they show on TV, so I figured she would like Sherlock. And she does! HUZZAH!


We love this show…

I’m a huge fan of the original books. I used to watch all the A&E Sherlock Holmes series with Jeremy Brett. Those were awesome. I heard a lot of people talk about the new BBC series and I really wanted to watch it, but never had time.

But now I have knitting. And that gives me time to watch shows! With Dove! And we can knit!! HUZZAH!


When you search “knitting couples” on google, you get a lot of underwear. But you also get this. Why?

And someone, I can’t remember who, mentioned I should number the Totoros. What a great idea! 😀 This helps me keep track of all of them in case… they start… running off. I don’t know why I need to keep track of them but it was a good idea. Basic lettering is still awful for me to do, as you can see from these pics.


I had problems with a few of the numbers…

Btw, I now knit on Google Hangouts. I have found out you can call PHONE NUMBERS. So I will ring people up, they will talk to each other, and I knit. How fascinating for the participants. I knitted the eyes on the 10th Totoro in a google hangout with Kelson and Manpans. They were really bored.

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  1. This is awesome in so many ways. Now I want to watch Sherlock and pretend I can knit! Great job on the Totoros they look so cute!

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