Continental Knitting – More Learning

What do you think when you hear continental? I think “Continental Breakfast”.

When I’m on vacation, I like to do two things: eat and sleep. So if a hotel offers a “Continental breakfast” THIS DOES NOT ENTICE ME. Of course, we don’t get to the fancy hotels so we don’t get the fancy breakfasts with the fancy croissants. We get stale muffins, bad coffee, and brown bananas. But I don’t want fancy frou-frou croissants. I want FRIED EGGS! I want BACON! If it doesn’t raise my cholesterol, it can’t be good.

The amount of awesome in this pic can’t be described in words. Click to get the pattern on BaconKnitter.

Let’s rewind to January 1st. I was hanging out with Andrea and Bingo and she shows me something that blows my mind: Continental Knitting. Much more exciting than continental breakfast.

As you may know, I have a degree in Computer Science. And one thing that fascinates programmers is making a program more efficient, although you wouldn’t be able to tell that with some of the bloatware that comes out as of late. (This is not a jab at Microsoft or anything. Not at all. I almost started to rant, but I’ve stopped because knitting calms me.)


Click to read this article that talks about Knitting as Programming. It’s quite long.

Continental Knitting is more efficient than the other way. In one way, the yarn is in your right hand and you toss it around the knitting needle. In Continental Knitting, the yarn is in your left hand, and you just pick it up with the needle. Or something like that. Go watch knitting videos if you want to see the difference. All I know is that it looked more efficient and I needed to try it.

Problem was, it was hard. It was too difficult to do continental knitting on my Totoros. So after they were done, I tried again just two nights ago. The videos I found, although helpful, still gave me problems. I couldn’t do it at all.

My problem was tension. I couldn’t do it. And then I found a video. A video, which, sadly, I can’t find again, but it showed Continental Knitting by wrapping around the index finger twice, as opposed to keeping the tension by wrapping around the pinky. And this I could do!


Then I found another problem. The knitting books I bought? None of the projects Knit in the Round. It seems they make finger puppets by knitting a long piece and then stitching it together. What? Knitting in a round is perfect for finger puppets! I was so confused. So I gave up on those patterns and I’m going to try my own.


This is knitting in a round. I’m using spare yarn. There’s plenty of it.

Of course, the books can still teach me how to do arms, ears, tails, face stuff, all sorts of things! But not bodies. Weird.

My wife keeps caches of yarn around the house, so it’s not hard to do some practice runs. That reminds me of the video game “Heart of Africa” where you needed to find a secret Egyptian tomb (randomly generated every time). As you explore the land, your guide would inform you of nearby caches with supplies! Maybe my wife is trying to turn our house into a video game that involves knitting! That’d be cool!


I also played “7 Cities of Gold” which was super awesome as well.

So far, my finger puppet is going slowly because I don’t know how to knit the head of Yakko Warner. I had to frog the first time around, so I’m trying the head a second time.

I also went running this morning. I’m not a great runner but that bit about the cholesterol earlier is a bit too true. I need to do something to give this body a sporting chance.

Funny thing is, when I got to my destination, I forgot my gym bag with all my gear in it.

I didn’t forget my knitting though.

I have a problem.

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  1. You know, I didn’t even know there was another way of knitting before I met Keren! 😀
    And I prefer knitting in rounds to sewing up stuff later, too!

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