Spreading the Knitting Love

You know what’s super awesome? Other than bacon. And glow in the dark yarn? And maybe a hot bath with massages from…

Gosh, I get sidetracked easily. Here, this is awesome:


Huzzah! More knitters to be my friends!

People are finding the wonderful world of knitting because of me! That’s super exciting! There should be a knitting game and you can send out little Errol’s to convince the non-believers to start knitting! How… unexciting would that game be?


I’m a knitting priest!

And I gave my first Totoros away! Someone actually wants these things! My cunning plan for the Totoros was to give them away with my CD from my geeky music band, but honestly, I don’t think anyone actually wants the things. That didn’t stop me from making ten of them! However, when I was doing a live streamcast, two friends of mine wanted them! Huzzah! Someone wants my stuff I made!


That’s Manpans, Babs and Kelsey. They took Totoro #5 and #8.

Now before you start accusing me of giving away Totoros just so I can put pictures of pretty ladies on my blog, that is not the case! Babs and Kelsey worked with me on a musical and they sacrificed a significant chunk of their lives for something I created. The least I could do was give them a Totoro.

But it was hard to part with them.


You may be thinking I’m not knitting. That is totally not true. Sure, I haven’t blogged in a while about knitting but it’s not because I’m not knitting! It’s because I’m knitting!

I mean, it’s hard to blog when you have knitting to do! I’m still trying to get the Animaniac puppets done, but now with the glow in the dark yarn, I need to get another Totoro done!. And considering I gave two of my Totoros away, I have to make two more so that I can have a total of 10 at all times! Why? I don’t know. I think I need more so that they fill the whole frame.


Look at all the space I have to put in more totoros!

Anyway, I learned how to I-Chord! One of the puppet books taught me how to I-Chord! How crazy is that?!

Funny thing, the puppet book was teaching me how to do arms but I was confused by the instructions. Knitting with two needles has you knit a row, and then turn it over and knit back. But in i-chording, you don’t turn the yarn over, so I didn’t know how that worked. And when I looked at the finished project, the arms looked round and cylindrical! WHAT MANNER OF SORCERY IS THIS?

And then, I just decided to follow the instructions, and lo and behold, it worked! Why don’t I listen? I also realized, that the arms I was trying to make would be perfect for Yakko’s ears! So I made four of them to test them out.


The two pairs are slightly different. One is longer than the other.

Because I wanted to make the ears smaller, I had to experiment with the original pattern. In the end, I came up with this for the ears:

Ear – Make 2
Cast on 3
Round 1: K1 Kfb1 K1 (4 st)
Round 2: P 4 (4 st)
Round 3: K 4
Round 4: P 4
Round 5: Ktog 2 (2 st)
Do Rounds 6 – 10 as an I-Chord.

The two ears on the left have an extra knit and purl at the beginning, which I didn’t want.

Anyway, once I get my glow in the dark Totoro done, then I can go back to working on Yakko. Exciting times in Geek Guy Knitting World!


I have an update from ‘meliwazhere’, who you can see commented in the above pic. She has shared her knitted hairband with us! Huzzah! πŸ˜€

That’s pretty good, I don’t know how to do that!

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  1. ERROL!!! You + knitting = awesome.

  2. Knitter or not, it’s easy to tell that you’re a musician when you spell I-cord “I-Chord” ^_^

  3. Errol! I want to show you my beautiful hairband that I knitted! (Which is beautifully modeled by my plush penguin.)


    (hope the link works!)

  4. hey errol, got any advice for me? i’ve been trying to learn to knit since august. the best i’ve been able to do is cast on six or so stitches before it all falls apart. i have the tools and the dexterity, i can even crochet. but knitting isn’t happening. can you impart any clues from your dizzying perch of totoro mastery?

    • *laugh* I may be the LAST person to ask, but I can try!

      If it falls apart, is it because the yarn is too loose? Does it fall apart BEFORE you get to the knitting part, if it’s only the cast on? The casting on shouldn’t fall apart. πŸ˜€

  5. *can’t seem to reply to Errol’s comment ):*

    You are too awesome.

  6. I was just going to comment on the I-CHord spelling by a musician, but my smart daughter beat me to it.

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