Yakko Almost Done – Stay on Target

People like to start conversations with me now that I knit in public. I would assume if my hobby was underwear in public, I wouldn’t garner as much positivity as I do with knitting.

It’s cool though. Just last night, my wife and I were knitting in McDonalds. A woman starts chatting with us on how I knit continental while my wife knits the other way. I call it ‘the other way’ because I have no idea what it’s called. The woman was wondering if my wife was teaching me, but then she noticed I was knitting differently. Pretty impressive someone was paying that much attention!


If I’m going to knit in McDonalds, I may as well knit in style.

But the thing is, I am getting a lot more random conversations from strangers because I knit. If you are a single guy, maybe you should cash in on this.

When I walk a cute puppy, when I carry a little baby, do I get random women talking to me? NO! My natural powers of homely drive them away.

But knitting? No one can resist knitting.

Take this as a subtle hint, men. You knit, you win.

For example, this man has no problems getting babes. I’m sure of it.


Anyway, it’s been a long time since I’ve updated, but that’s because I’ve been knitting! I wanted to get my Yakko finger puppet done, but I kept running into snags. What kind of snags? NOT WORKING SNAGS.


I would rework the pattern over and over again and in the end, it would all suck! Here, take a look at the heads:


Making your own pattern is hard

I know I was originally going to put a faceplate on the body, but then I decided that I hate that whole sewing part and I had no idea how to do it, so I figured I would knit the two colours together. I have no idea how to do that either but it was better than sewing. Look at the above pic! Why are there all these little random bits that sneak in? I tried to make the little cheeks stick out but I wasn’t doing very well and then in the end it looked all funny.

So I gave up. That’s right, I gave up trying to do sophisticated Wrap and Turn stitches to make the cheeks stick out and I ended up with this. It’s done. I’m not working on this stupid thing anymore.


No nose because I have no red yarn. No red yarn YET.

I think I need a thinner yarn. The thick stitches are too thick! I want stitching that is small and delicate… like me! I think for finger puppets you need that type of yarn.

Not that I would know, it’s only been a month of me knitting. I can’t even remember what any of this yarn is called. Bratwurst yarn or something like that.

This sausage yarn is wrapped! That’s pretty impressive.

Anyway, save for the Yakko nose, it’s pretty much done! Huzzah! I did write the pattern out and so I may list that here, eventually. It’s not perfect, and kinda wonky, but I do want to remember it in case I need to do this again. Oh, I DID have arms, but I’m tired. I’m not putting them on.


Look at all the things I knitted to get to the final version!

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  1. If the test heads don’t work well as Animaniac heads, the could easily become penguin stuffies!

  2. The last time I saw an image like the last one, was when I was working in a pathology lab

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