Mini Chibi Totoros! Useless Knitting Adventures!


They’re so cute!

Totoro #10 was made with some very thin yarn. The needles I used were larger, around a 4mm. So I decided to try 2mm and made Totoro #12 and #13! Look how small and cute they are! My daughters started squeeing when they saw them and now they have put orders in for a glowing totoro, a mini totoro, and the regular sized Totoro.

Do those kids do anything for me? Do they make me coffee? Do they cook me bacon? NO! I don’t know why I listen to their demands.

You know, I want to do the Grey Totoro but I keep getting distracted by this pattern. It’s fun and easy to do! However, knitting on small DPNs is HARD!

The DPNs are made of metal and that means they are slippery! Remember in the old Mario Bros game when some of the platforms were ice and you would slip around and hopefully not slide into a fireball or a turtle? It was especially funny if you bumped someone from below and they went into a turtle. Ha ha! Good times.

20130124_8606 Mario Bros0008

I played this game with my sister. I would laugh when she died.

Oh, and speaking of games with ice levels, do you remember the game way back for the Commodore 64 called Racing Destruction Set? When I was a kid, I would set up a racing track made of complete ice. I would also put a ramp near the beginning of the track, and then I would set the gravity to moon.

I would then have the car jump that ramp and see how long it would stay airborne. When it landed, it would glide because of the ice. I spent many a night doing this and other games. It’s amazing I passed school at all.


Yet another reason why my dating life in high school was limited.

Anyway, metal DPNs are slippery. In fact, MANY times while I’m knitting the stitch would fall off!


If I’m lucky and I haven’t twitched too much from this, I can slip the stitch back onto the DPN.

If I’ve twitched too much from the shock of it, then the yarn probably has frayed and has been pulled out and gone down in the pattern two or three rows.


It is super annoying. Now, my projects are small and cute, unlike real knitters who have 500 rows with 80 stitches in each row because they like knitting things that people would use. So fortunately, when I frog, it doesn’t take too long. Chalk one for useless knitting!

Although admittedly, I'd probably stick with Totoros

Look! A Poo Plushie! Who needs scarves when you can have poo shaped stuff toys?

It’s hard to knit the Mini Totoros in public though because it requires a lot of attention. The needles are so small and I have to go really slow because I split the yarn so many times.

And what do I mean when I split the yarn? Well, instead of going AROUND the thread like you’re supposed to, I go THROUGH the thread and it gets all frayed and the totoro looks lumpy and bumpy like a diseased pickle.


Wait, a pickle doesn’t have to be diseased to be bumpy. I make no sense.

Anyway, knitting can be frustrating.

Now I want to knit something even smaller. Can I get thinner yarn and smaller needles and halve the size of the totoro even more? That’d be cool.

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  1. Love the chibi Totoros ❤

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