Pattern: Yakko Finger Puppet

HUZZAH! I finished the Yakko Finger Puppet AND I made a pattern of it as well for you to peruse and laugh at! How exciting is that? It’s my first pattern! My very first pattern!

Will I ever make practical things? NO! NEVER! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


Huzzah! My own pattern!

Download Pattern of Yakko Finger Puppet!

Oh! And I was so excited about making my own pattern that I did a comic about it as well. Most of my friends aren’t excited about my knitting as I am. 😀

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  1. you must teach her MWAH HAHAHAHHA!

  2. What? Amanda doesn’t knit? (yet) You and Jen should give her lessons in your “spare time” at Con-G.
    And now you are a knitting designer. Is there anything you CAN’T do??

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