I Need Cheaper Hobbies

As you may know, I am a creative. What does that mean? I have no money. And knitting doesn’t sound like a hobby that should be the cause of financial ruin. It’s string and sticks!! How expensive can that be?

But the more I knit, the more I realize I need STUFF! I need all sorts of stuff! And before you know it, I find myself at another knitting store.


How many knitting stores are there in Toronto? I shall visit them all.

What is a cheap hobby? Certainly not music. Nor painting. Definitely not video games. I think writing is. Or drawing. Paper and pencil is all you need. Possibly dance or gymnastics as long as no limbs get broken. These are the hobbies to get my kids into so that they don’t restrict my knitting purchases.

Remember my past post about talking to more strangers? Well one person suggested this store near Dawes road called Sew’n, Knit’n Serge Outlet. It’s a confusing name and I just thought they misspelled ‘surge’ but I guess ‘serge’ is a type of fabric. Who knew.

And I bought stuff. Too much stuff again. *sigh* My wife is an enabler. She’s the one that gave me the apple! It was her!

Look at their faces… plagued with guilt. Click to find this on Etsy.

And I wanted so much stuff!

I wanted smaller knitting needles. I wanted knitting needles in between a 4mm and a 2mm. I wanted a stitch holder. I wanted some purple embroidery thread for my No Face Project. I wanted a smaller crochet hook. I wanted yarn. I wanted STUFF!

And look at all the stuff I got! Huzzah!


I already started using one of the yarn balls for another mini totoro.

See the DPN set I got? I wanted DPNs smaller than 2mm, but I couldn’t find any. So I settled for the whole DPN set of seven that goes from 2mm to 3.5mm! And they’re AWESOME! I used them already and they’re short and they don’t get caught in my sleeve!

Seriously, my other 2mm DPNs would get caught in my sleeve! It was awful. I would be having a great time knitting my little Totoros and then BAM!



Anyway, now that the needles are much shorter, they don’t get caught in my sleeve. It’s totally awesome. And they are bamboo! They aren’t all slippy-slidy like those metal things. HUZZAH SHORT, NO SLIPPY, NEEDLES!!

I’m so happy.

Except for my problems with New Yarn.

Look at this:


Why do they make knitting even harder? Why?!

That’s my new yarn. INSIDE the yarn is the beginning of the yarn. My mission, each time I get a new ball of yarn, is to FIND that start point.

My wife says you reach in, grab, and pull out. Other than how wrong that sounds, it never works for me! So she gave it a try and THAT happened.

Look at that pic again. Look at it and hiss! Nasty!

It kinda looks like the yarn spit out its guts. Like a pumpkin and its seedy little innards.

Or maybe like a tauntaun. Poor smelly tauntauns…

I found this on a Star Wars Knitting Site. Yes, there’s a Star Wars Knitting site.

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  1. You know that you don’t have to center pull balls. Tis totally acceptable to pull from the outside. I have only been knitting since the beginning of this month, and out of the 6 balls I’ve used I’ve only used one center pull because it was annoying (and I didn’t even have a hard time finding the end, because I had made the ball myself on a 50mL Falcon tube masquerading as nostepinde, which meant the end was handily tucked in the lid). Not center pulling is far far easier.

    • But then I have to remove the paper thingy that holds it together! πŸ™‚

      I kid, I have thought of using the outside end, as opposed to inside.

      And huzzah! You’re a knitting newbie too! That’s great! How did you start?

      • Totally use the outside end. The band isn’t necessary, just get a bag to carry your knitting.
        Yup! I started because I visited a contra friend in CT who knitted all the time. I asked her too many questions. She took me to a yarn store. I petted all the things and found that only the expensive ones weren’t itchy. She wouldn’t teach me how to knit because she does things backwards, so I internet learned Continental. And now I’m on my third project which is a two colour striped scarf. πŸ˜€

      • I’m constantly trying to figure out how to carry my knitting. πŸ˜€

        And I like the paper band, it tells me all sorts of things… which I still don’t understand. ;D

  2. HOLD THE PHONE! You got a KnitPicks DPN set at a STORE>?!! I think I needs to visit you up there in Toronto.. heheheh Have you been to Lettuce Knit yet??

    • There’s a place called Lettuce Knit? *sigh* Don’t tempt me! I want to find a knitting needle case.

      And you used to make stuff for the KnitPicks catalogue? Man, are you a knitting celebrity?!

  3. Oh.. BTW I used to knit samples for the KnitPicks catalogue.. fun times!

  4. Errol I just clicked and ad and I saw this website for knitting supplies. It looks like they have great prices. But who am I to judge? I’m not a judger.

    Anyway, if you want to check it out…

    Click at your own risk.

  5. Ah, knitters, the great enablers. Have you discovered the Yarn Harlot’s blog yet? She’s a fellow Torontonian.


  6. hey errol it’s jb! just read your post and i kinda have to agree with your sentaments (even if it’s a little late since you posted) i went to mary maxim to pick up a pair of 40 inch cable needles for making a blakent and i wound up spending 50 bucks. my friends who worked there talked me into some shopping therepy for reasons. so now i have lots more yarn. also what store are you pictured in at the top? it looks like heaven

    • Allooo, JB. Shopping therapy sounds expensive! *laugh*

      The store is Sew’n, Knit’n Serge Outlet! It’s great! πŸ˜€

      • it was. but my friend just pasted last monday so i think i was a wee bit easier to convince to buy things. really i was

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