Mobile Knitting & No Face

I finished a new project this past Saturday. Back on January 18th, my daughter mistook my Yakko Finger Puppet for No Face. I thought that was a brilliant idea and it was also very simple! It’s still wonky and I want to fix it a bit before making a pattern, but I’m pleased with it.


I messed up the mouth and shape of the face. Must fix that.

In the meantime, I also finished another Totoro but I’ll post that later. I don’t think you guys really care when I finish another one, so I will just update my Ravelry Projects and spare you the details.


There’s a way to link this to a public page, I think, but I don’t know how.

Today was a day for knitting. I mean, time dedicated to the knitting hobby, but not exactly towards knitting itself. First, I cleaned my shelves so that I have some place to put all the DPNs and the yarn. I don’t have a lot of yarn, but I do have enough that I can’t just leave it strewn about the house!


So much white yarn! Imagine all the Totoro’s I can make! 😀

I’ve also been pondering how to transport my knitting. I had that purple pencil case, but it wasn’t cutting it because my DPNs are so small. And I just kept it in my jacket pocket but then what if I take my jacket off? Do I carry around the pencil case?

I need a pocket protector for knitters! Imagine how beat up I could get in highschool for that!!

Heck, do they even sell pocket protectors anymore?

Imagine this but with knitting needles. My popularity would just SOAR!

Anyway, I found an old camera case. And when I say old, I meant that it was still being used as a camera case but not any more. I’ve re-purposed it! It is now my knitting case. It’s not perfect, but it’s small and compact, I can fit a bit of yarn in it, and it has one of those clippy thingies that mountain climbers use so I can attach it to my belt loopy thing.

I don’t know the technical term for ANYTHING tonight. Good grief.


Part of my Knitting Utility Belt. I want to be the Batman of knitting!

Since I don’t have anything to hold the needles, I had that salt shaker thingy that I found when cleaning up my computer desk. I was almost going to toss it and then I realized my needles fit in the holes at the top and I can put things inside of it, like my stitch holder! It fits inside my knitting case. Now I just open up the case and the needles are easily accessible and not easily lost in the big black case of darkness! Huzzah!

I tried it today when I went for dinner at a friends house. They had comfy couches that I can knit comfortably in. That is all sorts of awesome.

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  1. Clippy thingy mountain climbers use= carabiner (The later half of that word is one of my wife’s nick names for me)

    Nice re-purpose of the salt shaker.

    And it’s such a cute tiny little yarn stash… compared to Sorka’s entire wall of yarn sitting next to me!

  2. That little black case with the smooth shiny square on the top center of it.. I have one of those but I don’t remember where it came from. I don’t think it was darts… Oh! was it exacto knives?? I think it was… hmmmm…

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