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Good grief, it’s been a long time. My apologies, I’ve had this draft sitting in here and then I never got around to it. So I’m going to post this during my lunch break.

Closest Knitted Round Tuit I could find. You’d think there’d be a slew of knitted bad puns.

Anyway, let’s get back to Con-G. That’s a convention I went to over a month ago in Guelph.

I gave away my knitting. I didn’t give them all away though. Some of my earlier Totoros look like failed experiments in genetic crossbreeding, so I figured I would keep those.

Remember him? Poor “Derpy T”

However, I did get a chance to give away my Yakko finger puppet to Rob Paulsen himself. He was overly enthusiastic about it, but that’s because he’s a very kind man. It wasn’t anything impressive. The stitch was all wonky and the ears are about to fall off, but it was my first finger puppet and my first pattern!


You can’t see it, but it’s in his shirt pocket. The turtle he’s holding was made by my friend Jacquie.

Now I need to start making more No-face’s for our next upcoming gigs. I hope to finish 10 Totoro’s and maybe 10 no-faces. I can then give them away with my CD’s, especially since I never got a chance to do that at Con-G.

How am I doing on that? Awful.

Con-G is mostly a cosplay Con. The great thing was I saw a few people knitting in the audience! Well, I saw two, but then again, I was only on 4 panels and they were small panels so there could have been a whole knitting contingent I wasn’t aware of.

They did a have a crocheting panel, but I couldn’t make it to that. And every time I saw someone knitting, I showed off my little Totoro’s because I’m a narcissist.

Narcissistic I may be, but I’m also a realist. I certainly don’t like staring at my ugly mug!

I did find a lot of people that did like Totoro! Totally awesome. When I gave the my Totoros away, the recipients seemed genuinely excited about the lumpy white thing with wonky eyes. I don’t know why I can’t do eyes. It was crazy exciting though because I’m giving my knitting projects away!

I do admit, when I was a non-knitter, I wasn’t all that excited about things like socks, or mittens, or even scarves! So looking back to those non-knitting days (which was like a few months ago), I don’t expect anyone to actually want anything I knitted. Especially since it’s not knit as nice as some of the stuff I see.

I have artifacts in my knitting! It’s like I gave you the jpg version when you could be getting a clean PNG version. Why are there so many artifacts in my knitting? I don’t understand how you guys make things look so neat and pretty. *sigh*

Although admittedly, I am not so worried about it that I would purchase books like this.

I have a new job, did I mention that? But the sad thing is that I don’t knit on the subway. Most of the times I’m standing and I need to be able to brace myself because my balance skills are not on par with some of you more dextrous people.

I also found out that I’m more dedicated to knitting than my wife. Or maybe I’m just more anxious to do it. Because whenever we’re out, I take out my knitting and she would immediately say, “I should have brought my knitting.” Of COURSE YOU SHOULD HAVE BROUGHT IT! I bring it with me as often as I can if I know I’ll be waiting for ten to fifteen minutes or more.

Sheesh… Amateurs…

(That was a joke. Man, I hope my wife doesn’t read this)


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  1. I’ve been upgraded from “Debs’s Asian Friend”!

  2. That’s awesome that you got to meet Rob Paulson! My best friend in high school and I were known as Pinky and the Brain because we were practically inseparable and everyone thought as the two biggest geeks into the school, we must be plotting world domination (well, she was…I was Pinky). I’d break into his voice at random. NARF!

    Yay for knitting! I’ve been knitting for about 4 years and my husband got into it, too. I’ve been too busy with school and Gwyddion and Small Blonde Child to do much lately. The last thing I knitted was a stuffed representation of Fugu the Guinea Pig, which is Gwyddion’s mascot. My husband likes the book “Knitting With Balls” (I can’t say that with a straight face), which is a book with projects geared just for guy knitters. “Knitting With Balls” sounds like a slightly risque song title, but I don’t think I’m brave enough to write that one!

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