My First Knitting Circle

Believe it or not, I try to act normal when meeting new people. If I am successful, then the group will have no idea that I am geeky, nerdy, or even asian.

Well, ok, sometimes I can’t contain my love for rice, so that may give me away.

It would be hard to have knitted rice, so here is knitted Siu Mai. How AWESOME is that? Click for the pattern available at All About Ami.

Now, before you start chastising me about being embarrassed about who I am, hear me out. There are things I am very passionate about, and if need be, I could talk about these things for hours. Days even. If you don’t believe me… wait… if you’re reading this blog, you know me. I don’t need to convince you.

But, to be honest, other people’s hobbies are boring if they talk about it for more than ten minutes. Now, there are a few people that can spin any type of yarn in a way that can make the most benign thing fascinating (heck, if Morgan Freeman was narrating things, I probably would start watching sports) but for the most part, your ears just hear “Blah blah, spiritual mumbo jumbo, blah blah, something about space.”

You know what? There is almost nothing that doesn’t have a knitted counterpart.

And believe it or not, I DON’T WANT TO BORE YOU! That’s correct, I actually don’t want to annoy you to the point that you run away.

“But Errol, there have been many times where you’ve gone on about Miyazaki far more than any human without a restraining order should!”

And yes, you are correct, but in such cases I know I am boring and I’m doing it on purpose just to keep you from talking about your boring things!

I’m speaking in jest, honest I am.

Anyway, I refrain from talking about my hobbies because I know that I will overwhelm you if I don’t hold it in check.

Although, there are also times when I totally love the look I get when it finally registers how inane my interests are.

I tried to find something related to knitting and terraria as an example of my insanity, but nothing comes up except for some of my webcomics. An untouched niche I can capitalize on!!

Good grief, what exactly was my point? Oh yes! I don’t talk about geek things to new people because I don’t want to overwhelm them! Dealing with my personality is difficult enough without adding things in there like Totoro.

My friend, Jeanette, tweeted to me that she found a knitting circle near me from Ravelry! I was crazy excited because I’ve always wanted to go check one out. In fact, I’ve even considered creating my own knitting circles just to invite geeks to!

I asked her if she would like to come but she gave me some excuse that she could only tolerate so much Errol in real life, and so I begged Debs to go. (OK, Jeanette really didn’t say that, but a lot of you think it, I know!)

I was super pumped because the meet up was on a night I could go and my family had gone off camping so I was alone and wanted company anyway! As soon as I got off work I rushed on over!

And you know what was awesome? I KNEW someone! What a small world! Doreen was someone I had met a long time ago back in 2006 when I did FLL (First LEGO League – LEGO Robotic Competition).

A LEGO LOOM! Good grief, how AWESOME is THAT?!

Anyway, they graciously invited me over, allowed me to sit with them, and then we politely chatted. I wondered what went through their minds. I could imagine the raised eyebrow look as they surveyed the strange, overly eager asian man who knitted small stuffed dolls. This is how a broney feels like, I know it.

Fortunately, I’m blessed with a lack of self-consciousness, and blunder on about my totoro shakers. However, as I said, I keep the geek in check because even though I don’t care if they think I’m a weirdo, I still don’t want to bore the pants off of them.

However, small topics began to creep in. Sheridan, who had come in late to hand off a knitting bag she had created, mentioned she created costumes for medieval re-enactment.

“Society for Creative Anachronism?” I ask.

She smiled and said yes.

I asked if she knew Heather Dale, and she did and Elizabeth, who was sitting to my right, started talking about Filk.

Folks, I didn’t just find a small vein of geekery, I hit the mother load.

One day I will knit this. Even though it’s crocheted, I will knit it!

Things only went uphill from there and Debs and I had a wonderful time! Well, we would have had an awesome time regardless, but now it was 200% more nerdy!

All in all, my first foray into knitting circles was a huge success! Now I just have to make sure I don’t screw up so they will have me back again! I hope my wife will come too. I’ll warn her of the geeks ahead of time. ^_^

2013-07-29 20.28.12

Look! Geek Knitters in the wild!

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  1. I nominate you for the Leibster award.I enjoy reading your blog and sharing it with others Here’s a link for more details:

  2. Now I’m extra sad I couldn’t make it! I’m glad you had fun and hopefully I’ll be able to come along come September!

    I actually have no idea how much of Errol I could tolerate in real life! I only met you once during NaNoWriMo. Surely I could tolerate an evening of knitting. 😀

  3. awesome blog! I’m glad you joined us and helped enable more of our geekery:)

  4. awesome – glad you joined us and discovered our geekery beyond knitting:)

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