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I Need Cheaper Hobbies

As you may know, I am a creative. What does that mean? I have no money. And knitting doesn’t sound like a hobby that should be the cause of financial ruin. It’s string and sticks!! How expensive can that be?

But the more I knit, the more I realize I need STUFF! I need all sorts of stuff! And before you know it, I find myself at another knitting store.


How many knitting stores are there in Toronto? I shall visit them all.

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I needed batting for my projects since I’ve run out. My wife said that we could get some from Fabricland and so we went there to get some batting and then we did a stop over at Zellers. In the end, I bought three different yarns, some scissors, and a bag of batting.

I have a problem.


I need all of this! I really do! Honest!

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