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Cool Find: Crocheted Pokémon Magikarp

This is awesome. When I meet kids, and because I’m old, they are surprised I know what Pokémon is. And then they ask me what my favourite Pokémon is. And I always say Magikarp, because it’s one of the most useless Pokémon there is. And then I start to go on and on about magikarps and then they kids get weirded out and I laugh.

I prey on awkward in any situation…

Micro Squirrel – SO CUTE

Micro Squirrel - SO CUTE

I need to learn how to do this!

Found Online – Mini Kraken

Found Online - Mini Kraken


Doctor Who Pinterest Knitting Board

Doctor Who Pinterest Knitting Board

I know I haven’t had a chance to update in awhile. I’m still working on my Totoro Shaker, but here’s an awesome pinterest board. ^_^

Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 3.55.07 PM

Hah! It’s so cool!

Camping and Knitting

My wife loves camping. She loves camping as much as I love being inside.

Sadly, my enthusiasm for camping is on par with my enthusiasm for nude saunas with relatives. (Sorry for those that shuddered through this joke on Facebook.)


I shan’t post pics of me in a sauna. Here’s me trying to drum up a smile for camping.

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Guest Post: This Dusty House

You must forgive me for not posting in a while, I do have one in the works. In the meantime, I have a new knitting partner (well, ok, we’ve knit once together) and she let me do a guest blog on house maintenance. Huzzah! ^_^