Pattern: Yakko Finger Puppet

HUZZAH! I finished the Yakko Finger Puppet AND I made a pattern of it as well for you to peruse and laugh at! How exciting is that? It’s my first pattern! My very first pattern!

Will I ever make practical things? NO! NEVER! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


Huzzah! My own pattern!

Download Pattern of Yakko Finger Puppet!

Oh! And I was so excited about making my own pattern that I did a comic about it as well. Most of my friends aren’t excited about my knitting as I am. 😀

Yakko Almost Done – Stay on Target

People like to start conversations with me now that I knit in public. I would assume if my hobby was underwear in public, I wouldn’t garner as much positivity as I do with knitting.

It’s cool though. Just last night, my wife and I were knitting in McDonalds. A woman starts chatting with us on how I knit continental while my wife knits the other way. I call it ‘the other way’ because I have no idea what it’s called. The woman was wondering if my wife was teaching me, but then she noticed I was knitting differently. Pretty impressive someone was paying that much attention!


If I’m going to knit in McDonalds, I may as well knit in style.

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Work In Progress: Yakko Finger Puppet

I have tiny metal DPNs. I didn’t know the size so I checked the package and that’s when I saw the word:


How awesome is that? If I got to say THAT instead of DPN’s, I’d be saying it any chance I GOT!

“Knitting again?”


German words are so fun.

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Radioactive Totoro – GLOWS IN THE DARK!



The camera picks up a lot of light, so the white light is from the monitor of my computer!

My daughters are trying to steal it. In fact, they were playing with it before I put the eyes on and then they lost it.

I got them out of bed to help me look for it. Rotten kids.

Woops, I hope my wife doesn’t read this.

Now I need to make a second one for the other kid. Then a third for myself.

And you know what? I hear the yarn is discontinued. NOOOOOOOOEEESS!

You know what this means:


Spreading the Knitting Love

You know what’s super awesome? Other than bacon. And glow in the dark yarn? And maybe a hot bath with massages from…

Gosh, I get sidetracked easily. Here, this is awesome:


Huzzah! More knitters to be my friends!

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I needed batting for my projects since I’ve run out. My wife said that we could get some from Fabricland and so we went there to get some batting and then we did a stop over at Zellers. In the end, I bought three different yarns, some scissors, and a bag of batting.

I have a problem.


I need all of this! I really do! Honest!

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Continental Knitting – More Learning

What do you think when you hear continental? I think “Continental Breakfast”.

When I’m on vacation, I like to do two things: eat and sleep. So if a hotel offers a “Continental breakfast” THIS DOES NOT ENTICE ME. Of course, we don’t get to the fancy hotels so we don’t get the fancy breakfasts with the fancy croissants. We get stale muffins, bad coffee, and brown bananas. But I don’t want fancy frou-frou croissants. I want FRIED EGGS! I want BACON! If it doesn’t raise my cholesterol, it can’t be good.

The amount of awesome in this pic can’t be described in words. Click to get the pattern on BaconKnitter.

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Rob Paulsen

You know who’s awesome? This guy’s awesome.

I’ve never met him, but I hope to soon…

His name is Rob Paulsen and he’s a voice actor. More importantly, he is the voice of Yakko Warner.

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Ten Totoros Project – COMPLETE

Huzzah! I finished all my Totoros! I didn’t start off with the goal of making ten of them, but I ended up with a goal of making ten of them.


The painting I painted. The grey totoro was made by my friend Kelson.

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Project #9 & #10 – Totoros Again

For the 9th Totoro I used two balls of yarn that were at their end. When I reached the end of the yarn, I was confused. What do you do?

I had this lone thread staring at me. Mocking me. It knew that the project was unfinished, but it was finished too and there was no amount of coaxing to go any further.

Another sister-in-law was down, named Loey, and she is a crazy knitter as well. Come to think of it, I think the majority of the women in Dove’s family like to knit. Anyway, they suggested to DOUBLE up the separate yarn! Just take the end, align the beginning with it, and knit it as one!


Wouldn’t that look weird? Wouldn’t that look extra thick? But I’m not one to doubt knitting experts, unless of course there should be two different knit stitches. I did as I was told because I get in enough trouble as it is.


Remember this pic? Yeah.

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