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Totoro Log DETS01: The Beginning

Debs and Errol had an indiegogo campaign to help fund their next EP. I don’t know why I’m speaking about them as if I’m not one of them. One of the perks involved knitting. If you donated $50, we would knit you a Totoro Shaker. I would hope that the high price would deter people from actually going for that perk, but people did. And then I forgot that the perk also applied to all the perks above it as well.

So in the end, Debs and Errol have to knit 22 Totoro Shakers. We did not plan this well.


This will be me. Except less female and more asian. Ok, this will be Debs. Right now she’s working in the farm. She’ll probably start looking like this in a few months.

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