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Guest Post – Manpans of weTangent

Dear readers, meet ‘Manda Whitney, whom I call Manpans! I met Manpans about two years ago and we became creative partners in a joint venture called weTangent.  She’s a huge geek and we share a love in adventure games, Densha Otoko, and teasing Manpans. Since our inception we’ve written a number of sketches together, wrote a musical, appear in a weekly podcast, and do a weekly video series called Dining & Dating

She is one of the founding members of the Princess Bride Knitting Circle, which I still haven’t blogged about, but I will!


I’ve never been much of a knitter. For me, knitting, much like science, has always seemed like sorcery. The idea of taking a ball of yarn and turning it into some fantastical piece of garment or geeky toy simply perplexed me.



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